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At Costamare Inc. (“Costamare”) our concern for the well-being of our staff and their families runs deep and goes back to our founder, Capt. Vasileios Konstantakopoulos, himself a qualified master. Costamare and its managers (the “Managers”) continue this tradition today, developing motivated and qualified professionals for the Costamare fleet many of whom move on to join the shore personnel of our Managers.

Costamare demands a high level of training for young people interested in starting out as cadets on a challenging career in shipping. In return, an excellent package of compensation and benefits is offered to our seafarers and our Managers place great importance to their welfare. Costamare deliberately employs larger crews on its vessels than most shipping companies and promotes teamwork between the crews working on board the Costamare fleet and the shore based personnel of our Managers.

Costamare is proud of the working conditions on its containerships and believes that it is this working environment on its ships and at its Managers offices which encourages both our seafarers and the shore based personnel stay with their respective employers for many years. 

If you are interested in a career at sea with a major shipping company, Costamare Managers will be happy to hear from you.
Please choose the nearest management location and CALL OR E-MAIL TODAY.


Captain Dimitrios Karagiannis

Captain Georgios Karageorgos (Costamare Shipping)

CALL: +30 210 9490180-1/p>

email: seacareers@costamare.com

Captain Evangelos Barbaris (V.Ships Greece Ltd.)

CALL: +30 210 410 2230

email: hellascrewing@vships.com


Captain Wu Su

CALL: +86 21 58363410

e-mail: seacareers@costamarechina.com


Mr. Roberto Reyes

CALL: +63 2 524 5139 ext. 109

e-mail: seacareers@cmanmaritime.com